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Roofing North Wales

Roofing, an easily forgotten yet integral part of any home. The roof is what shields those inside from the raging elements above and it’s all to clear that having good roofing is incredibly important. Finding a good roofer anywhere is a challenge in itself. It’s important that you go for an experienced and reliable roofer with a rich portfolio of prior work and is well regarded in the area. If you are based in North Wales, then look no further than Regan Roofing.

Need a new roof?

Regan Roofing specialises in the installation of new roofs, including felt, EPDM Rubber, Welsh and Natural Slate Roofing and many more varieties of material. We are able to closely work with you to understand your specific needs and create the ideal finish for any property.

Does your roof need repairing?

From the replacement of tiles to complete roofing, Regan roofing can carry out a wide range of repair work all throughout North Wales. You can also cater to all aspects of Roofing including emergency roof repairs.

Are you looking to upgrade to Soffits and Fascias?

If you’re thinking of replacing an old wooden roofline with modern UPVC soffits and gutterings, Regan roofing can help. Traditional wooden rooflines are susceptible to rotting and woodworm – they therefore cannot completely protect your roof and property. Regan Roofings’ crack team of skilled roofers have the ability to install UPVC Soffit Fascias and guttering to a very high standard. In addition, we also carry out regular repairs and maintenance all throughout Conwy, North Wales.

Roofline Services include

  • uPVC soffit installation
  • uPVC gutter installation
  • uPVC fascia installation
  • Gutter clearance & Cleaning
  • Replacement & Repair of Downpipes
  • Related Repairs & Maintenance Works.

Why Regan Roofing?

Regan Roofing is committed to our excellent track record of well-satisfied customers and unscrupulously carried out projects.

In a world of so many labourers and workmen, it is unfortunately at times difficult to find a well-regarded firm from which you can guarantee good results at a great price. The entire workforce at Regan Roofing is highly skilled and fully qualified for the task at hand, and the company ensures that all jobs are fairly priced with excellent value for money when it comes to roofing North Wales.
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